About Us

Taylored Assessments was formed in 2008 and undertook three years of development activity to produce its on-line Assessment and Management Information System. Working with professionals who are serious about helping their customers through fact and knowledge they work through channel partners providing full support to their customers.


With its head office in the UK Taylored Assessments has developed a range of business diagnostic tools to meet the requirements of any sized organisation who are keen to better understand their infrastructure, people and risk.  Based on over 30 years combined professional IT and management experience the company offers a broad range of business analysis tools in all areas of business.  Our partners are provided with unlimited management information assisting them to build stronger and longer relationships with their customers.

Alongside this we offer full marketing and sales support ensuring our partners obtain maximum benefit from the products that they use.

Products are white labelled and give a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Value Statement is Straight Forward:

We work with you, providing tools that will help you create better business in a tightening economy.

To back this up we provide you with not only the tools to assess and develop your customer base, but a tried and trusted management information methodology that shows you where your customers most need your services.

Our people are all devoted to our cause and sign up to our ethical standards of business, supporting you in your requirements, not their own need to sell their services.

Our business exists purely to support your business

Taylored Assessments - Tailor made for you