Equality & Diversity

Taylored Assessments Limited is committed to a Policy of Equality and Diversity of Opportunity which respects the identity, rights and value of each individual combating all forms of discrimination in regard to the protected characteristics contained within the Equality Act.

We recognise that our ability to meet the needs of our clients is improved by having a diverse workforce which reflects the wider community and are firmly committed to developing an inclusive working environment, providing equality of opportunity and parity of treatment for all our employees, subcontractors, clients, partners and stakeholders.

Taylored Assessments is positively committed to oppose all direct and indirect discrimination in the organisation. Taylored Assessments will:

Challenge discrimination and lack of opportunity in its own policy and practice and will encourage other organisations and individuals to do the same.

Aim to create a culture that respects and values each others’ differences and recognises that difference/diversity is a great asset to the organisation – to its work and the people it serves.
Ensure all Employees, Volunteers and Board Members will be made aware of the objectives within this policy and encouraged to support its objectives.

Discrimination, bullying, harassment or exclusion are unacceptable and behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated. Any breach of this Equalities Policy will be promptly dealt with within the Taylored Assessments Disciplinary Procedure.

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Staff have a responsibility to report all incidents of harassment or discrimination to the Management.
  • Incidents of discrimination or harassment will be treated seriously by the Management and dealt with fairly.


  • The Management will seek to put in place an adequate system or procedures in order to deal with any form of harassment, unfair discrimination, incidents or complaints.
  • Management will strive to become an example of equal opportunities by adhering to all responsibilities as outlined in the Equality and Diversity Policy.
  • The implementation and effectiveness of the Equality and Diversity Policy will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.