The Taylored Team

Wendy Taylor

Wendy’s background is in general business, having been involved in implementing IT systems, developing software from her vision (Taylored Business Analysis Products) and HR. However, her passion is marketing and assisting others to succeed. Having been heavily involved in mentoring new and small businesses through local Universities and Enterprise Agencies, she has a sound knowledge of what’s involved in starting and running a successful business. She has been self employed since 1999 and has never looked back. Her role in Taylored is that of Marketing and R & D Director.

In her personal time, she spends time with her son, skis’ and sails whenever she can. She has a keen love of the outdoors and is enthusiastic about most things. She has a wide circle of family and friends and enjoys socialising and spending time with them.

Martin Forster

Martin also runs a very successful computer business called Rombus Computers, which he has owned for 25 years. He brings the technical know how to Taylored as well as a highly professional team of programmers who actively support the Taylored systems. His role in Taylored is that of MD and Technical Director.

In his personal life he is also a keen sailor, which has recently been overtaken by golf and flying. When he says he’s on a course – he really means the golf course. Living by the sea he is often found early in the morning walking his dog along the coast enjoying the sea air.