Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement Surveys are a vital tool for assessing and developing your people

Personnel who are engaged are ambassadors for your organisation, are loyal and are keen to support you in your success.

There is no “one survey fits all” as every organisation has unique requirements.  We can therefore work with you to develop your Staff Survey from scratch, helping you to identify what you need to know or can systemise a question set that you already have.

We work at your pace to your goals and support you throughout the survey process.

It is people who make a business and where your staff are not aligned to your business objectives you will be missing opportunities.

Carrying out regular staff satisfaction surveys will help you to create a culture of openness which will improve communication, staff engagement and productivity, resulting in increased profitability.

Steps Involved ...

  • Getting started - Decide what you want to ask and where your issues lie.
  • Develop survey and run a test sample
  • Decide who you want to take the survey - all staff or a sample throughout your organisation.  We can assist you in this decision
  • Deploy survey and set deadlines for completion
  • Analyse results - we do this for you presenting you with results in easy to interpret format using charts, graphics and text.
  • Identify top ten “hot spots” where your weaknesses lie and develop action plan to implement change
  • We provide you with the ten areas for you to focus

Should you require assistance in interpreting the results or implementing activities to achieve your goals we will introduce you to one of our Partners who will work with you in way that best suits your needs and budgets.