Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis is a process of activities that are designed to identify problems or issues in the workplace and to determine whether or not training is appropriate.

All of our Reviews are based around training and business analysis, however, this particular Assessment is based purely on the development needs of both an individual, the team they work and the organisation as a whole.

It goes along similar lines of Investors In People and provides a framework from which to identify skills and knowledge gaps between the current and desired individual and organisational performance.

As each organisation is different it might be that this does not fit your needs as it is and we will be happy to work with you to develop your own tailored training needs analysis framework for you to use as an ongoing gap analysis and evaluation tool.

Why carry out a Needs Analysis Programme?

  • Collect valuable information to enable you to make informed decisions on future development needs
  • Continually assess and develop your most valuable assets – Your People
  • Identify knowledge gaps within your teams
  • Identify performance issues, when addressed can increase productivity
  • Show your staff you care in their future development
  • Align your staff development to team and business objectives
  • Use as a benchmark for continued success through your staff development

Carrying out a training Needs Analysis will not necessarily lead to staff training.  It will show you where your weaknesses lie enabling you to implement a range of support to improve your performance and knowledge gaps.

To find out more about how we can work with you to develop your own Training Needs Analysis Contact Us