Winning Insights

Organisations are having to become more flexible in their approach, with management teams taking more responsibility for managing continual change.

This diagnostic provides a World Class framework for you to assess performance, identify the areas that you excel and gives you factual information to develop weaknesses.

WinningInsights© engages people across the organisation to partake in a performance review which then provides accurate information about where to focus resources for future success.

Using our unique style of reporting we show you where your “Opportunity Gaps” lie within your organisation, enabling you to locate the areas that require specific attention to improve management, practices and performance.  Our approach allows you to implement change programmes that do not put undue pressure on management, impinging on what are usually already heavy workloads.

Our  consultants provide the  technical skills and are able to influence and support individuals, groups or organisations.  We do not take responsibility of implementing changes as we believe this needs to be the responsibility of your team to ensure engagement of each project.  Our objective is to provide you with the tools and expertise required to assist you in installing processes and to transfer skills so that your required results are achieved continually going forward.

What you get  ...

  • Ability to compare your organisation against World Class Businesses
  • Measure your people and organisation against the nine elements of the WinningInsights Wheel© that research shows affect all businesses
  • Multi-level analysis across the whole organisation, identifying relevant issues in different business functions, departments, levels and areas.
  • Ability to dig deeper into issues that you may be concerned about through personalised elements of the diagnostic
  • Framework to measure and build sustainable excellence

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WinningInsights© is based on two major research projects carried out between 2002 and 2007 and the best selling book The First XI – Winning Organisations in Australia.  1,000 organisations were surveyed and this diagnostic encapsulates the findings of the research, enabling you to assess yourself against the World Leaders.

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