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A former Royal Liverpool University hospital employee has been convicted of unlawfully obtaining patient information The former healthcare assistant has been fined £500 and been ordered to pay £1,000 towards prosecution costs after she used her position at the hospital to access the medical records of five members of her ex-husband's family. The former employee accessed the records of five individuals between July and November 2009 in an apparent effort to obtain their new telephone numbers....
Posted by Wendy Taylor
on 27/02/12
  In 2011 seven councils were fined a total of £640,000 by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for various breaches to the Data Protection Act (DPA), and who footed the bill? Well the Tax payer of course! Naturally there are the normal rumbles of how ‘unfair’ this is, accompanied by the obligatory “Our hard earned taxes should go towards something useful” and quiet rightly so? But if the council (the Tax payer) doesn’t pay a fine that is issued by the ICO for a breach of the DPA,...
Posted by Wendy Taylor
on 23/02/12
As the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) hands out two more hefty fines, it hits the £1m threshold of fines issued.  Granted the majority of these fines have been in the Public Sector, but that does not eliminate private businesses who have also received fines and investigations. The ICO is clamping down hard on data breaches, with new guidelines being proposed January 2012 which will come into play over the coming months and years. The UK is working alongside Europe with a new set...
Posted by Wendy Taylor
on 14/02/12