ILM Management Skills

ILM – The Institute of Leadership & Management is the UK’s largest management body, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services.   

Whether at the start of a career or progressing through the management ladder there will be some questions you are asking yourself. 

Issues you may be pondering:-

  • I don’t know what I don’t know – how do I find out what this is?
  • What is the whole management function?
  • I’m not sure where my focus should be placed to progress.
  • My organisation requires a rounded manager but I’m not quite sure what they require from me.
  • Team leadership and managing people is new to me – how do I get the skills and knowledge I need to do this?
  • Customer service is at the forefront of our organisation – how can I communicate this to my team.

Process is simple and it costs just £9.95 + vat

So if any of these questions or issues resonate with you, click on the link opposite that best supports both yourself and your employer in your current role and career expectations then take the on-line survey. You will be given answers to your questions and your results will act as an action plan to help you along your career journey.

Accredited Training Centres or Employers can also use this simple process by following the links and adding in the email addresses of their learners.  Reports will then be sent to the Centre for discussion with the Learner.


ILM Process

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