Information Security Framework

Information Security Framework

Taylored Assessments’ Information Security Framework has been developed to counter and mitigate the risk that organisations face around potential data breaches and data loss.

With the Information Commissioners Office now levying fines of up to £500,000 per individual breach, this is certainly a hot topic but unfortunately most commercial organisations have no real idea where they would start to understand the risks they face and how to mitigate them.

Taylored Assessments and the IAAITC have developed an easy to use, affordable Information Security Framework that enables you to identify, pin-point and solve any potential security breaches.

The assessment aspect of the overall service is based upon a solid and quantifiable framework which looks at all of the overall assets including all devices, staff and their interaction with data and information both electronic and documented together with the physical  security aspects around them.

The assessment focuses on the human element involved in the flow and management of data, as in most cases this is were breaches occur and where they are most avoidable.

Overall the ISF provides you with a wealth of management information which can be used to provide a wide variety of training, consultancy and IT services to your customers.

The benefits to your customers include decreased risk, increased compliance and the knowledge that they have a demonstrable security policy in place.

With the EU Commission now announcing the drafting of legislation which will impact businesses across the whole of Europe the opportunity to differentiate your organisation from your competitors is available here and now. 

Want to make sure your customers are safe?

ISF Process Map