Information Security - Employee Review

Employees can make or break your business – Where Security is involved they are pivotal in achieving compliance with the Legislation surrounding Information Security.

Fines that have been issued mainly relate to breaches that have occurred through the mishandling of information by employees, whether it be a lost laptop, information sent to the wrong person or misuse of data held by the Organisation.

This Review provides you with peace of mind that your staff know what they should be doing to ensure security is maintained and shows you where weaknesses lie, enabling you to train and develop your staff.

Who should use this Review?

Any Organisation, no matter the size, who has employees that have access to your systems,  handle data or are involved in the physical security of your building and colleagues.

When should it be completed?

The Information Commissioner’s Office recommends four times per annum to show appropriate measures are being taken to mitigate risk.

Those Organisations that can prove they are taking appropriate action to implement policies will be treated differently from those that don’t.

Protect your Organisation Now – Don’t think it won’t happen to you.

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