Information Security Framework - The Solution

The Solution

Taylored Assessments and the IAAITC have developed a full and comprehensive framework providing you with the capability to deliver a five stage process that clearly identifies where vulnerabilities lie within your customer's organisation.

This covers the following:

1. Gap Analysis - Diagnostics covering all areas of Information Security:-.

  • The Data Protection Act.
  • Security roles and responsibilities.
  • Premises.
  • Policies.
  • Staff awareness and compliance.

2. Risk profiling.
3. Critical asset identification.
4. Controls both organisational and asset based.
5. Implementation and monitoring.

Upon completion of this process you will have a full overview of your customer’s security and have the necessary information, tools and skills to fully counter any potential threats.

This approach gives you a much stronger and pro-active engagement model highlighting a multitude of information on your customers environment as well as providing you with a total overview of opportunities including training, consultancy and additional IT services enabling you to increase your revenue stream.

For further information on our partner packages which include full training on the delivery of the ISF please contact us.

ISF Process Map