Information Security Review for Large Organisations

A secure Organisation is dynamic in its approach, has people who are committed to protecting personal and commercially sensitive data, and is able to act quickly should disaster strike.  The bottom line is you are protecting your business from unnecessary losses financially, as well as ensuring you maintain customer confidence and market credibility.

As the Information Commissioners Office’s ability to fine organisations has risen to £500,000 without court interaction, it is time to take notice of how sensitive data is handled in your organisation.  

This review has been designed to be undertaken by those people who are wholly responsible for implementing an Information Security Policy in larger organisations.

The Information security Framework (ISF) breaks a business into key target areas:  Organisation, People, Network, Application, Systems. It then looks for potential security breaches in those areas making them easier to identify and correct.

Our approach is simple and pragmatic - if an organisation has multiple offices, departments, servers and removable devices then this review is for them.  

Who should complete it?

  • All management
  • IT Managers
  • Anyone else who is responsible for implementing and supporting an Information Security Policy

What it does for an organisation?

The sole purpose of these assessments is to determine and address the most important security issues faced by organisations today.

It easily and quickly identifies what is required to ensure a security policy is effective and improves the overall understanding of any security that should be in place within an organisation.  Identifying "performance gaps" across all levels of the business, enabling personnel to quickly address and fix security vulnerabilities through training and infrastructure.

The framework provides a multi‐level overview of not just the security policies but the understanding of the key people and staff when administering these policies, highlighting the individual strengths and weaknesses of the organisation in an accurate easily understood format.

The resulting report gives a comprehensive overview of the entire security competencies, as well as a manual to be used for making improvements. Hints and tips are embodied in the report, which are linked directly to the results, making this a unique document that will assist in every aspect of developing an effective and sustainable Information Security Framework for any organisation.

You can start the process of securing any organisation with an online assessment in 5 easy steps:

The Employee Review should be used in conjunction with this review in line with the Information Commissioner's guidelines.

For more information on the Information Security Review for Large Organisations, please contact us